Situated within the town of Bishop's Castle in the heart of the beautiful Shropshire hills is this grade II listed building known as The Poppy House.

The Poppy House is a large rambling house with outbuildings, courtyard and gardens. Parts of this fascinating property date back to the 11th Century with some historians believing it contains one of the old entrance towers to the original Bishop's castle.

It has been suggested that the vaulted cellar was the cart entrance to the outer bailey from the town's market leading to a courtyard from where the name Market Square originated. This area would once have been the centre of commerce for the old town allowing merchants & craftsmen to trade in relative safety, close to the castle walls.

The longest stretch of the wall remains in tact in our garden where the original buttresses can be clearly seen together with the remnants of an old forge. Pieces of engraved stone have recently been found in the raised garden suggesting that this is the site of the castle's chapel.

The remainder of the property has been added to over the centuries, mostly between the 16th and 18th. Timber frame walls and ceilings together with oak boarded floors can be found throughout. In more recent times (18th century), 20 Market Square together with most of the rest of Bishop's Castle was part of the Powys Estate, being sold at the end of the 19th Century following the death of the then Earl of Powys..

Major restoration of the building has been undertaken. The main elements include making all the B&B rooms ensuite, improving facilities for the disabled, improving the facilities in the Kitchen so we can serve a wider range of food and redecorating the Restaurant.

We have aimed to complete all this work to a very high standard of comfort and have exposed many original timber frame walls and ceilings together with original fireplaces. The decoration and furniture have been specifically designed to complement the character of the house.

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The Poppy House, 20 Market Square, Bishop's Castle, Shropshire, SY9 5BN

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